I knew that I could sort virtually anywhere with Excel Pivot Tables, but I was surprised that I could even sort from largest to smallest with Grand Totals!

Below I have an Excel Pivot Table that consists of Sales Numbers over a three year period.

Make sure to download the Excel Workbook below so that we will have the same starting point:

In the example below I show you how to Sort by Largest to Smallest based on Grand Totals:



STEP 1: Right click on a Grand Total below at the bottom of the Pivot Table.  Go to  Sort > Sort Largest to Smallest

(If you cannot see the Grand Totals, click in your Pivot Table and go to the ribbon menu and select PivotTable Tools > Design > Grand Totals > On for Rows and Columns)


STEP 2: This will sort our grand totals by descending order.

See that our years are now arranged in this order: 2013, 2014, 2012.





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