How to create a Dashboard in Excel

How do you create an Excel Dashboard in Excel with limited Excel skills?

Ultimate Dashboard Tools add-in is developed by and allows you to create awesome looking Excel Dashboard templates with just a couple of clicks and without using complex Excel Formulas.

Excel Dashboards in Excel allows you to get an overview of your key business metrics as well as your KPI (Key Performance Indicators), so that you and your management team can make insightful decisions.

Excel data-visualization dashboard templates can be complex to create for most Excel users, so the Ultimate Dashboard Tools was created to make it very easy for you with just a couple of mouse clicks!

Create professional Excel Dashboards and Charts in minutes!  It is easy to use and install.  No programming skills required and you can share your Dashboards with your team!

Main features include:

Ultimate Dashboard Tools for Excel | MyExcelOnline

Gauge and Dual Gauge Chart (up to 12 zones)

Bullet Chart

Waterfall Chart

Variance Charts

Advanced Variance Charts

Mekko Chart (new in v8.10 !)

Score Meter Chart

Sales Funnel


Gantt Chart

Frequency Distribution

Bonus Content: 200+ editable Excel maps

You can see more details and purchase this super Excel add-in that will make you stand out from the crowd: Ultimate Dashboard Tools Add-In here.

Ultimate Dashboard Tools for Excel | MyExcelOnline


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