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Copy Hyperlinks Like a Pro in Excel Fast

Learn Excel hyperlink tricks for effortless copying & pasting, managing links across workbooks, and fixing broken hyperlinks.... read more

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Copy Hyperlinks Like a Pro in Excel Fast | MyExcelOnline Copy Hyperlinks Like a Pro in Excel Fast | MyExcelOnline

Unlock the potential of Microsoft Excel with Hyperlinks. Hyperlinks are more than just web links; they seamlessly connect different data points within your workbook, across worksheets, and even to external documents or websites. Learn how to insert and copy hyperlinks to streamline your workflow and enhance productivity in Excel.

Key Takeaways:

  • Basic Hyperlink Insertion: Easily insert hyperlinks in Excel using the Insert tab or keyboard shortcuts, allowing for seamless navigation within your workbook and beyond.
  • Efficient Copying Techniques: Master quick methods for copying hyperlinks within cells or between cells without altering their destinations, ensuring smooth data replication.
  • Spreadsheet-to-Spreadsheet Hyperlinking: Learn to paste hyperlinks effectively across different sheets or workbooks, maintaining their functionality and integrity.
  • Advanced Hyperlink Management: Explore techniques for converting bulk text into clickable hyperlinks and managing external reference changes, ensuring your hyperlinks remain accurate and functional.


Introduction to Excel Hyperlinks

Understanding the Power of Hyperlinks in Excel

Hyperlinks in Excel are not just about navigating the net right from your spreadsheet. They are incredibly handy for jumping to different worksheet locations, opening relevant documents, sending emails, and even creating new files seamlessly. You can think of them as the bridges connecting different islands of information, whether they’re housed within your workbook, stored on your computer, or awaiting on the vast internet.

How to Insert a Basic Hyperlink

To insert a basic hyperlink in Excel, you’ll enjoy a seamless process. Kick things off by selecting the cell where your hyperlink will reside. Next, sprint to the Insert tab on the Excel Ribbon and click on Link > Insert Link.

copy hyperlink

Alternatively, you could simply right-click the cell and select Link, or even get there quickly with the Ctrl + K keyboard shortcut.

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copy hyperlink

When the Insert Hyperlink dialog box pops up, you’ve got options. If your cell’s already got some text, that text gets a VIP pass straight to the Text to Display box. Feel free to give it an edit; your changes will show in the cell post-hyperlink creation.

copy hyperlink

Click OK. The link will be inserted in the cell.

copy hyperlink


Streamlining Your Workflow with Hyperlink Shortcuts

Quick Steps to Copy Hyperlinks with Mouse Click

For example: A list of companies with corresponding website hyperlinks.

STEP 1: Right-click on the cell containing the desired hyperlink (e.g., company “Amazon”).

copy hyperlink

STEP 2: Select “Edit Hyperlink” from the menu.

copy hyperlink

STEP 3: In the dialogue box, copy the hyperlink from the “Address” section.

copy hyperlink

STEP 4: Select the target cell (e.g., cell A8), then double-click on formula bar and paste the copied hyperlink or use shortcut for Paste i.e., Ctrl + V in the designated cell.

copy hyperlink

Quick Steps to Copy Hyperlinks Between Cells

To copy hyperlinks between cells without breaking a sweat, the trick lies in using Excel’s ‘Paste Special‘ command. Here’s a straightforward approach that keeps things clean and simple:

STEP 1: Right-click and select “Copy” or use the shortcut “Ctrl + C” for the desired hyperlinks (e.g., cells A2 & A4).

copy hyperlink

STEP 2: Choose the target cells (e.g., cells A8 & A11).

copy hyperlink

STEP 3: Go to the “Paste” option in the ribbon, select “Paste Special” or use the shortcut “Ctrl + Alt+E”.

copy hyperlink

STEP 4: In the dialogue box, opt for “Paste Link”

copy hyperlink

STEP 5: Click “OK” to see the result.

copy hyperlink


Pasting Hyperlinks Effectively Across Sheets or Workbooks

When you want to spread those hyperlinks across different sheets or even jump into other workbooks, Excel’s got your back with some smooth moves.

Steps to spread hyperlinks across different sheets or workbooks:

STEP 1: Select and Copy Hyperlink: Select the cell containing the hyperlink (e.g., the “Link” column), then press Ctrl + C to copy it.

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copy hyperlink

STEP 2: Navigate to Destination: Move to the new location, whether it’s on another sheet or a different workbook.

copy hyperlink

STEP 3: Paste Special: Right-click on the desired cell and choose “Paste Special” from the context menu.

copy hyperlink

STEP 4: Paste as Hyperlink: In the Paste Special dialog box, select “Hyperlink” or use the shortcut Ctrl + Alt + V, then press H.

copy hyperlink

STEP 5: Press Enter to confirm and seal the deal. Ensure both workbooks are open for smooth transition if working between them.

copy hyperlink

Doing this keeps your hyperlinks intact and behaving just like they did in the original spot. Now, if you’re working between workbooks, save yourself from a potential headache by ensuring both workbooks are open during the operation to maintain a smooth transition.

Beyond the Basics: Tips for Hyperlink Management

Converting Bulk Text to Clickable Hyperlinks

If you’re staring down a spreadsheet with a heap of text that should be hyperlinked, there’s a slick way to convert them all in one fell swoop—no need to go cell by cell like a high school kid with a summer reading list.

STEP 1: Insert New Column: Insert a new column next to the column containing the text to be converted into hyperlinks.

copy hyperlink

STEP 2: Use HYPERLINK Function: In the first cell of the new column, enter the formula =HYPERLINK(B2, B2), where B2 is the cell containing the text you want to convert. This formula creates a hyperlink to the same location as the text in cell B2.

copy hyperlink

STEP 3: Fill Down: Fill down the formula for all the cells in the new column to convert all the text into hyperlinks.

copy hyperlink

Managing External References and Address Changes

Say you’ve got a spreadsheet that’s chock-full of links to an old website, and ta-da, the company’s got a shiny new web address. You don’t need to comb through every cell—Excel’s Replace feature is a total game-changer for such large-scale switcheroos. Just press Ctrl + H to open the Replace tab, type the old URL in the ‘Find what’ box and the new one in the ‘Replace with’ box. Choose ‘Workbook’ from the ‘Within’ drop-down to go full-scale, and pick ‘Formulas’ from the ‘Look in’ list.

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Steps to replace old website URLs with new ones in Excel:

STEP 1: Open Replace Tab: Press Ctrl + H to open the Replace tab in Excel.

copy hyperlink

STEP 2: Enter URLs: In the ‘Find what’ box, type the old URL (e.g.,

copy hyperlink

STEP 3: In the ‘Replace with’ box, type the new URL (e.g.,

copy hyperlink

STEP 4: Select Options: Choose ‘Workbook’ from the ‘Within’ drop-down to search throughout the entire workbook. Then, select ‘Formulas’ from the ‘Look in’ list to ensure it replaces URLs within formulas.

copy hyperlink

After following these steps, Excel will replace all occurrences of the old website URLs with the new ones throughout the workbook.

But that’s not all—if your hyperlinks lead to external references and documents, keep your directory organized because if those files move, your links will toss up error messages instead of opening the documents. You can manage this by keeping all linked documents in one root folder. If you should move them, just update the root folder path instead of each hyperlink.


FAQ: Fast Solutions to Your Hyperlink Queries

How do I copy a hyperlink in Excel without changing its destination?

To copy a hyperlink in Excel without tampering with its destination, right-click the cell with the hyperlink, select ‘Copy’, then right-click the target cell, and hit ‘Paste Special’. From the options, choose ‘Hyperlinks’. This action copies only the hyperlink, preserving the original destination and any text formatting.

What’s the quickest way to paste multiple hyperlinks at once in Excel?

The fastest way to paste multiple hyperlinks at once in Excel is to copy the cells containing your hyperlinks, then select the destination cells, right-click, and choose ‘Paste Special’. Opt for ‘Hyperlinks’ from the dialog box to paste them all in a single action, keeping their destinations intact.

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How do you copy and paste and keep hyperlinks?

To copy and paste while preserving hyperlinks in Excel, simply copy the cell with Ctrl + C, move to where you want to paste, right-click, and select ‘Paste Special. Then choose ‘Hyperlinks’. This ensures the destination URLs remain unchanged and the links are clickable.

How do I extract a hyperlink in Excel?

To extract a hyperlink in Excel, if you’re working with just a few, follow these steps: Select the cell with the hyperlink, open the ‘Edit Hyperlink’ dialog by pressing Ctrl + K or right-clicking and choosing ‘Edit Hyperlink…’. Copy the URL from the ‘Address’ field. For extracting multiple hyperlinks, a nifty VBA macro can automate the process, pulling all hyperlink addresses onto the neighboring cells swiftly.

How do you copy a link and make it clickable?

To copy a link and make it clickable in Excel, first copy the URL text. Then, right-click the cell you want the hyperlink in and select ‘Hyperlink’. In the dialog box, paste the URL into the ‘Address’ field and click OK. This transforms the text into a clickable link that takes you to the specified website when clicked.

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Copy Hyperlinks Like a Pro in Excel Fast | MyExcelOnline Copy Hyperlinks Like a Pro in Excel Fast | MyExcelOnline
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